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Hey, y’all my name is Kyle! You have made it to a side project of mine, a blog about science, exploring new activities, and sharing knowledge geared at improving overall well-being. If you want to learn more about me or the origins of the blog visit my About page.

For those who wonder that is me palpating a cow, yes there was a time I was a true cowboy.

How Dogs are Scientifically Better Than Cats

Domestication versus Taming Domestication is the process of habituation and adaptation of an animal for use by humans. Keep in mind this differs from the process of taming, which is the alteration of behavior of animals. Taming does not influence genes that are passed down, rather learned behaviors. Domestication results in the genetic alteration of […]

Using Science Vocabulary Effectively

Vocabulary of a Scientist Scientists, researchers, clinicians, and experts all use lingo and jargon to effectively communicate with each other. It facilitates communicating complex topics with ease. Although, admittingly, this jargon serves a purpose for those in the field it can be overwhelming to laymens, everyday people. This overcomplication and mystification of science is overwhelming […]

Why Most Scientist Suck At Their Job

Preface First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post, it means a lot. Secondly, I do not want any readers to think I do not appreciate the hard work that scientist and researcher devote to their professions. Being a scientist myself and currently doing clinical research, I […]

Procrastinator’s Guide to Productive Goals

Procrastination a Plague of the Pandemic There is an inner procrastinator in all of us. We have all been in a situation where we watch the clock tick by as we face an approaching deadline. You would rather be doing ANYTHING else than working on the project for work, or studying for that test for […]


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