Kyle Rice

Researcher, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Trainer


Master’s of Health Science, Mental Health, Johns Hopkins

Graduate Certificate, Health Disparities, Johns Hopkins

Bachelors of Science, Neuroscience, Virginia Tech

Bachelors of Science, Psychology, Virginia Tech

Kyle Rice was born into a military family he has been around the country and abroad. After spending a significant period of his life in rural Maine he went to pursue his career in Clinical Research. Obtaining education from Virginia Tech and Johns Hopkins he hopes to bring what he has learned both inside and outside the classroom to this blog. Realizing that many people get copious amounts of education and degrees yet sometimes still feel lost and misguided in some of the simplest tasks, this blog is the answer. Kyle hopes to bring scientific evidence to back up data-supported techniques that can improve your productivity, satisfaction, success, and health.

  • Exercising
  • Reading non-fiction
  • Play with my Dog
  • Exploring Breweries

Blog Origin’s

This blog is a passion project. Marrying Kyle’s passions for science, self-help, and motivation to help others. The purpose of this blog is to back up claims with hard science. The world of self-help can be toxic and full of self-proclaimed gurus and misinformed garbage. Though there is plenty out there that is truly helpful just as much of it is a waste of time. So this site aims to bring together the findings and teachers of many experts in their respected fields in order to give you the reader a solid background and understanding of the knowledge being shared. Kyle is a scientist and naturally skeptical, hopefully, you are too, so you are encouraged to comment, refute, debate, and question the topics being presented on here. That is what makes a good critical thinker, and helps us grow. Just remember to be respectful and realize that there will always be outliers, exceptions, anecdotal instances, and miracles. Just because current science hasn’t been able to explain it does not mean it is false.

Special Thanks

This blog was inspired by courses that Kyle took at his previous educational instructions called “Neuroscience and Society,” “War and the Brain,” “Public Health and the Good Life. Thanks again Dr. P and Dr. K for a great time in class!