Goal Planning and Goal Achievement

Goal Setting

Welcome to the next challenge post! Hopefully the first post went well, if you haven’t already don’t forget to check out these other posts before completing this challenge:

Goals are the cornerstone of personal development, growth, and progress. You need to set up targets for yourself that will guide your progress in the right direction. These goals will not only serve as checkpoints and reasons for celebrations, they will also motivate you.

Much like the values section, goals do not need to be stagnant and unchanging. Goals will change and that is alright!

This though does not mean you should go around changing your goals all the time just because you are not achieving them exactly as you imagined. Rather you should take the opportunity to modify existing goals and put them in the SMART format so they are more likely to be achieved.

If you have not read the blog post on goals I highly encourage you to do so (Check it out here).


For this post use your values that you created in your last challenge post (Click here if you missed it), so that you can create goals that align with those beliefs. These goals can be anything as long as they adhere to the SMART goals format. For this exercise try to get nine goals set total, and divide them by the length of time that you plan to achieve them in.

  1. Create 5 short term goals
  2. Create 3 midway goals
  3. Create 1 long term goal

Short term can mean different things depending on the person. Use your own judgment for what this means. I would suggest short term goals are ones that can be completed within 6 months time. While midway goals are 1 – 3 years. Long term goals are those that take 5 years plus. This is just my guideline: use whatever is pertinent for you. Remember to keep them consistent.

Also keep in mind that you can create more goals if you wish. Nine is a low enough number that anyone can achieve this, but if you are ambiguous don’t be afraid to make more. Just remember that ensuring they fit the SMART format will ensure you have the right recipe for success.

Simply saying “I want to be a millionaire” as a long term goal is not a good start. Rather, “I want to have a net worth of 1,000,000 USD within 8 years time” is a better way to phrase this. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully these challenges are helping to frame your actions. Feel free to leave comments for challenges you want to see on the website. Also don’t forget to post progress on these challenges!

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