Setting Values to Guide Your Decision Making

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Challenge posts are meant as a short complement to the blog posts. The blog posts are the opportunity to learn and refine new skills. These challenge posts are the opportunity for you to apply them and implement action.

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Value Setting Challenge

Starting a new habit is always difficult. People tend to start off a little overcommitted and then sputter out within a short period of time. Sustainable change over a long period of time, that may be small and measurable in that moment, can produce large compounded impacts over time.

The book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is one such example of this phenomena in action.

Another obstacle many face is when we align our goals and habits with values that we do not subscribe to. This leads to a misalignment of our motivation and our outcome. Congruence of values, motivations, and goals will produce the best results. Misalignment will put up barriers and discourage us.

As a reminder The Compound Effect is a great book for this. Another great book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, also talks about some of these congruence principles of goal setting.

Don’t be discouraged by not reaching a goal that you don’t even care about, right?


Write down and say aloud nine values or beliefs. Nine values is quite manageable! Group them by ones that you place substantial importance, neutral importance, and low importance.

  1. Create a list of 3 values with high importance
  2. Create a list of 3 values with neutral importance
  3. Create a list of 3 values with low importance

Now these values will be the framework that assists you on your personal development journey. You can reflect back to these at any time if you feel lost, are unsure of what decisions to make, or need inspiration for setting a new goal.

Remember you only need to write down nine values or beliefs, you can always add more. Some of them may change levels of importance given time. This is not a concrete list forever, it is dynamic. Think of it as a guide.

Wrap Up

Challenge posts are supposed to be calls to action. They are a compliment to the blog posts and can serve as a reminder to apply the materials. Obtaining new knowledge and learning new skills are fantastic, most people have no problem doing this. It is the application of this knowledge that we tend to fall short on.

Keep in mind knowledge that is not applied is squandered. Your brain will see it as unimportant and get rid of it. Application of the knowledge will reinforce it. Good luck and share your success on the post here!

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