Using Science for Success

Hello and welcome to my blog about the Basics of Biohacking. This blog is intended to guide those that want to make improvements in their life, whatever the goal may be, from productivity, happiness, financial literacy, coping skills, career prospects, and anything in between. This blog will be different than many other “self-help” blogs that spit out loads of tips and advice on a topic and only back it up with some vague reassurances from a self-proclaimed guru that “trust me this works” or provide one anecdotal story that is meant to legitimize the entire practice. In this blog that will not be the approach.

Self Help versus Biohacking

Rather, this blog will focus on using science, data, and evidence to back up claims that are made. Giving you, the reader, more information to research and discover these concepts in more depth if you wish and make your own informed decisions. It will also strive to give you the scientific knowledge to apply these principles widely to other topics and not just hand you a step by step how to.

Blog Objectives

Ultimately, this blog will apply to those that are curious, seek to gain knowledge, and want to explore areas they may not know much about. Do not need to be discouraged if you do not have a background in science. You will not be expected to read 15 pages of complicated scientific articles just to find nuggets of gold.

My only assumptions of readers:

  • First, you can read, and assuming you made it this far I am confident that is true
  • Second, you can read and write in English, which again, I may be going out on a limb but I am guessing you can do that.
Scientific Reader
Those that have scientific backgrounds do not fret! I will have some articles that are more grounded in science and dive deep into the inner workings of a topic.
Lay Reader
For those that want a snapshot of the broad concepts don’t worry we strive to release those articles as well as a string board for further exploration in the topic.

What Not to Expect

Do not expect to be told what exactly to do and how to magically change your life. This blog encourages people to build upon what is given, make educated decisions that are best tailored to their life, and create impactful changes the ways they want.

The blog is not meant to be entirely self help in nature. It also caters to those that want to seek new knowledge. There will be a lot of discussion of scientific research, academic fields, professions, and current innovations in science. So if you have any interest in these topics, this blog will be a great place for you.

What to Expect

The Basics of Biohacking will touch on a variety of different topics, some of the fields of study that will be discussed will be Neuroscience a field near and dear to my heart, Economics, Public Health, Psychology, Biology, Neuro-Economics, Biochemistry, Literature, Philosophy, Professional Development, and so much more! If you are worried that this sounds a lot like school don’t worry, there are no quizzes, no tests, no essays, NO GROUP PROJECTS, and I don’t expect you to take notes. No one will become an expert after reading one article, it will take multiple times hearing the same thing and practicing it to truly understand it.

I will do my best to make these posts as interactive as possible and as engaging as possible. Blog posts will have an intro or preface introducing the topic. Most posts, if applicable, will have a short crash course that outlines some of the majors points touched upon. Then The article will dive into the topic and explain the science behind it. The final part will be a conclusion and wrap up, along with a references section.

Schedule of Posts

We will strive to post articles on a weekly basis.

So far there are six major categories that articles will fall under:

  • Motivation
  • Life Management
  • Learning and Education
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Career

This blog is a learning experience for everyone. I am not perfect. Contact me or post comments with any of your feedback. Be respectful of others when doing so.

Feedback, Criticism, and Comments!

Disagreements in science are alright! We encourage people to have educated conversations and be open to new ideas. I am by no means an expert in any of these fields. Rather, I want to share my love of science and learning with others. I believe that learning to apply and disseminate knowledge is a valuable skill. Despite this many school prioritize pure memorization over application. Together let’s change that.

Quote to Live By

“We learn better when we learn together”

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